My name is Skip Jennings, ALSP. I am a licensed spiritual counselor, spiritual life coach, holistic healer, and fitness coach based out of Los Angeles, California. As a licensed spiritual life coach, I am here to help you discover your journey in life. It is my goal to help you discover who you truly are. Through my spiritual life coaching I can help you push through the barriers you have built around your life so that you truly achieve greatness. We are all perfect creations working towards a spiritual balance within ourselves.


7 thoughts on “About

  1. myra

    Thankyou Skip! I have been reading the spiritualnuggets everyday for about 2 weeks and enjoying every word of encouragement and transformative power. I truly believe that what you are writing is right and good and will help change our lives for the better. Our work is to stay present in this teaching and watch our thoughts words and actions and keep trying to do the next right thing. “Just for this breath”…I will remember that we are beloved of God and” that” power is capable of anything!
    I appreciate YOU!

  2. iamyourme

    Thank You Mr. Jennings. Your work has been impecable and flawless. We, The Universe as One with God, enjoy your efforts to change this world with the reminders you send out daily to all as to who they truly are! Continue to be open to Us and Love as We speak through you. We are all of the same energy and that energy is Love which manifests through each individual specially. How excited are We for the changes which are happening in this world. Again, Thank You.


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