You Have Always Had The Power


My favorite line in the Wizard of Oz is when Glenda says, “You have always had the power…” Not only does it speak the truth of our existence, but it is also the truth about transforming our lives. I always tell my clients: the power to transform your life is within you. Do not look for anything outside yourself to transform your life.

Today, approach your transformation with the authority that you are the answer to all of your issues. Everything you need, and or desired, is already within you. The only work needed is the activation of your greatness. Release the power within by using mantras like: Yes I can, yes I am willing, and yes I am able. When you take that walk, walk with the attitude that you are the only person that can will your body to move.

When you sit down to mediate, be mindful that you are connecting with your higher self. When you choose to eat, know that you set the intention to live your greatest life.

Yes we have our teachers and gurus, but ultimately you must do the work. Start your day with these thoughts in mind because nothing can come to be, unless you put it into motion.


The Three D’s of Transformation


Your first D is Drive. You must remember your drive and remember what is driving you. Under drive come three things to think about: First, what is your intention? Second, what do you want to achieve how do you want to look and feel after a workout? Setting the intention to grow, how would you like to grow and how would you like to feel? We have goals and we must remember them. Focus on your dreams: If it’s twenty pounds or a healthier lifestyle, we must continue to focus on it. Thirdly, is desire. What are the desires of your heart? Remember why are you working out and why you are doing this. Our intentions, desires and goals are all interconnected and this is the essence of your practice. Remember the desire for transformation. Your desires are the essence of why you’re doing this.

The second D is Dedication! We must be dedicated: one workout at a time, one breath at a time, and just one moment at a time. Ask yourself these simple questions: are you dedicated to your workout and can you be dedicated to your goal? Can you be dedicated to your writing, to creating your resume and getting the job? Your dedication sets the tone for your transformation. If you don’t dedicate yourself to the transformation, it will never come to fulfillment.

The last D is Determination. When you are hitting a fork in the road, there are two choices: one, to give up or, two, keep going. Be determined not to give up. Be determined to get your workout in and make it happen. Be determined to make all of your dreams come true. Be determined to complete the workout so the transformation can begin.

Once you have all the three D’s, you must give yourself permission to be okay, to experience healthy living.

It is your yes that activates the drive that keeps you dedicated, and allows you to stay focused and determined. During your period of transformation, say yes to eating right, and exercise. Say yes to a healthy way of life. Say yes to wholeness. Say yes to life. Say yes to positive thinking, and say yes to you. BECAUSE YOU ARE WORTH IT!

Don’t Put Off What You Can Do Today


Remember what your mother always said, “why put off until tomorrow, what you can do today.”  Well, that goes double for your transformation. Procrastination is the killer of all good intentions. When you are inspired to make the shift, you must act on it ASAP! The only thing that stops you from shifting your life, is you.

When we embrace the practice, may it be mind, body or spirit, we must accompany ours goals with action. It does not have to be the whole enchilada—take baby steps.  If you need to start a physical routine, begin by walking outside for 10 to 20 minutes, just three times a week to start.  If you are in need of meditation, begin by pausing during your morning activities to listen to your breath. If you need to shift your mind and the way you think, begin by saying three positive things to yourself every day: one in the morning, one in the afternoon, and one in the evening.  It all begins with your decision to change, followed by your willingness to make the shift. Once you have taken these steps, you must shake off the dust of broken promises and disappointments, and get moving.

When you know it’s time to transform your life don’t wait, just do it.  Every moment you hesitate, you are taken hostage from your divine opportunities. Don’t let this happen. The time is now! Today is your day.

Circle ‘day one’ on your calendar; you can’t, it does not exist.  Remember, the power to shift your life is always within you, waiting to be activated.

Gratitude Is The Attitude

When we set the intention to transform our lives, we must begin with Gratitude. Whatever your goals may be, dropping an unwanted pound, or doing a complete ‘life makeover’, we must be grateful for what we have. This is the first step to moving forward and embracing your life as it has been given.

Gratitude is the highest form of appreciation in your life. Today ask yourself, “What am I grateful for?” Think of it as the acknowledgment of what is working in your life—your job, a romantic relationship, friendships, or your health. Whatever it is, use it to energize your transformation.

Gratitude can also come from the recognition of something that you do well. Think of something you love about yourself, something that truly expresses your true nature; once you have connected with that one thing within your mind, feel the energy of joy and gratitude welling up in the center of your being. This feeling, or energy, is the activation of love and gratitude. It doesn’t matter how big or small, we must find that one thing that says, “Yes, life is good.” The key to happiness is love and gratitude.

Ignite your workouts with gratitude. Start you meditation with a moment to give thanks and empower your life with the appreciation of what you do have. If you are grateful your life will be enough, and your transformation will be filled with tremendous ease and grace.

Spring Into Action

As we move into spring, it’s time to embrace the newness of life.  It’s time to spring into action with your Practice. Spring marks the birthing of a new season, not only in the weather but also in our life. March is the end of winter and the dieing of the old practice that no longer serves us. Once we let go, we must be willing to embrace something new; it’s the time to break out of our old boxes and step into a new way of living.

For the physical, try a new format of training the body, or simply go back to something that you have not done in years. Think about trying out a dance class, or a yoga session. Have you ever tried Pilates?  When was the last time you took a walk in the park? This spring, try and eat foods that are the colors of the rainbow; we call these foods, “sun infused foods.” Look for foods that are yellow, green, purple and red—foods that have been kissed by Mother Nature herself.

For the mind, embrace affirmative language: Only speak words that empower you. You can be your own worst critic, which is why empowering yourself can boost confidence to succeed. Be kind and loving, only using the word that embrace your life, not words that tear you apart.

As for the spirit, meditation is key. Challenge yourself with a 30-day commitment to meditation. Every morning, start your day with mindfulness. Take a moment to be still and set your intentions for the day. In your quiet time, just focus on the breath and be aware of when you inhale and exhale. Take time to connect with your inner self. Remember the practice, whether it is physical, mental, or spiritual, is like a bank account, you must make a deposit to accumulate your wealth.

Spring is in the air; it’s time to spring into action within your Practice.

Embracing A New Practice

During this time of embracing the practice, be willing to do something new. Step out of your comfort zone a try a modality that you have never tried before. Try switching up your physical fitness.  If you normally do yoga, then try walking outside. If you love lifting weights, then go for a run. Switch it up. Make it new. You will reignite your energy.

Sometimes we have a high mental, physical or even spiritual plateau when we set the intention to shift our lives. Truth be told, we just get sick and tired of doing the same old thing over and over again. Today ask yourself, “Do I need a change?” Be willing to hear the answer. If you get the message to shift, don’t wait—get moving. There is nothing worse that a workout that becomes boring and uninspired.

Also, you might need to change your trainer, instructor or coach.  You may need to find a new class or a new teacher.  Meditate and ask your inner self, is this person still serving my mission for transformation? There is no wrong or right answer; there is only the time when you are in alignment or when you are not. Sometimes we outgrow our inspiration. The time may have come for you to find someone or try something new.

What I know for sure is that life is an ever-evolving journey. Everything comes into our life for a reason and at specific seasons. Only, you can’t decide when the time to shift your practice comes along.  Awareness is key and self-exploration is a must.  Trust your own spiritual authority. Change is good if we fully embrace it.  As we evolve, so too does our physical, mental and spiritual practice.

Skip Jennings, ALSP, CPT
Licensed Spiritual Counselor/Personal Fitness Trainer/Transformation Coach

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Finding Your Joy.

Finding your joy is one of the most important things that we can give to ourselves as we transform the body, mind and spirit. 

When workouts get challenging we have to go back to what we loved about them. What was your intention when you started your journey? What was the vibration of your soul when you first dropped one or two pounds?  The energy of pure Joy and celebration must anchor your workouts.


Find a modality that you love. Not everyone has to do yoga, pilates, rock climb, or go running. Just find that thing that works for you and makes working out fun. You don’t need to stress over being healthy. If you enjoy what you do you, then stick with it. Finding the Joy means finding a class or trainer you are happy with, that makes you see the light at the end of the tunnel.  This is a part of activating the inner love—“Joy raising”, as Oprah calls it.


When you find your Joy, you have found something that is working for you; we call that gratitude. When you come to a challenging place in your workout, return to the beginning.


Begin to create mantras about workouts filled with joy. Think about how best to connect with inner love—there is an opportunity to dance in the space of joy during every moment, including your physical practice. 


Begin to shift the way you see the workout. Instead of seeing it as I have to, see it as I get to. We are Joy and we can be joyful in everything. Find your joy and see where it takes you.



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